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Yoga is a learning practice that is uniquely specific to you. This ancient tradition is taught with the student on their mat.
These cards are meant to be with you while you are on your mat.
Open your heart and tune into the ever present conversation between your mind and your body.

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Why Yoga Cards

It is so old school. Yep, it is. Yoga is an ancient tradition which is taught with the student on the mat. I wanted something tangible that you could take with you to your mat. There are many, many wonderful online resources, as well as written books about yoga. I used every type of resource available to me to put these cards together for you. But for learning while you are on the mat, books and computers can be kind of awkward. Book spines prevent them from lying flat, computers usually only allow you to focus on one pose at a time, and generally for both, the pictures are small or are obscured with lots of text about the pose. These cards will let you cherry pick exactly what you want to work on and have them right with you as you are on your mat. The cards lay flat, and the pictures are big without anything else obscuring them.

The cards are designed for anyone with a curious mind, but I hope they will be very beneficial to those practitioners looking to take their yoga practice to another level. My intention is that everyone on their learning journey will find a way into a yoga practice that is just right for them by using these cards.

Like icing on the cake, I hope that those who have decided to take themselves from a focus solely on their own practice to being a leader and caregiver for others on their yoga journey will find these cards most especially supportive for that intention. I know these cards will allow you to learn deeply about Asana. Also along the way on your journey you will have a tool that is ever expanding and unfolding



Client's Testimonials

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I’ve been teaching Yoga for over 15 years and would recommend these cards to students and teachers at any stage in their Yoga practice journey. They’re visually beautiful, well written and so organized. The cues and instructions are articulate and thorough, and it’s clear that each card has been made with thought and care. Carole has done a beautiful job of creating these cards and generously putting her heart and knowledge into this wonderful supplement for Yoga students and teachers. and

Symbols & Tabs

Each symbol graphically depicts a recognized standard series of movements or poses that will focus on a target area of the body. The symbols each have a unique card to help you learn a little more about the series of movements associated with it. Each pose card contains a series of symbols on the picture side of the card at the bottom in the left hand corner. This is a cross-reference tool to help you see all of the different ways the yoga pose cards can be divided up.
On the information side of the cards there is a colored tab in the upper right-hand corner. Each Tab graphically depicts two items of information.
1) There is a unique color used to indicate what action the body is taking. The actions are standing, bending, sitting, twisting, balancing, upside down/inverted, lying down/supine.
2) The words written inside the tab tells you the area of the body where you will most likely feel sensation.