I’ve been teaching Yoga for over 15 years and would recommend these cards to students and teachers at any stage in their Yoga practice journey. They’re visually beautiful, well written and so organized. The cues and instructions are articulate and thorough, and it’s clear that each card has been made with thought and care. Carole has done a beautiful job of creating these cards and generously putting her heart and knowledge into this wonderful supplement for Yoga students and teachers. http://www.setarehmoafi.com/ and http://www.acenterfornaturalhealing.com/

Yoga Teacher

As a yoga studio owner, I find the GuruQachu an indispensable resource to our instructors and students. It’s a great learning reference and teaching tool. The cards are so thoughtfully designed with explanations, benefits, cues, modifications and language resource. The set is complete for learning and practicing yoga. And the yoga block in which they are packaged is perfect and practical to have for modifications while practicing. It’s warming to come across a project like this that so much heart and passion has been put into, for the benefit of others. I make sure to have this product on the shelf at my studio for our clients. I very much recommend these cards. http://www.studiorincon.com

Studio Rincon Yoga Studio Owner

GuruQachu is a must have to be the very best yoga therapist, trainer, teacher or practitioner! On each card Carole has expertly selected and developed ideas, cues, and alignments that you can now use to distinguish your training and teaching. You and your students definitely deserve the wealth of expertise and peace of mind brought by GuruQachu.

Carole has captured the practicality as well as the sacredness of yoga. The whole package is a gift of love. The box that carries the cards is also a prop that can be used in your practice, The cards are complete with knowledge and beauty. They are pretty to look at and helpful with any way possible you will use asana cards. Each card is filled with information that will deepen your understanding of yoga. There is a guide that defines all of the symbols on the cards. The cards come with a carabiner to link them together, so you can carry them with ease. When you open the package you will feel the love put into each detail. You will not be disappointed. I first thought the price was a bit steep for yoga cards- until I opened the package and that’s when I fully understood that the money is well spent. I bought them for myself to get back into my yoga practice, and It’s been the kickstart that I needed! Thank you to all Carole’s teachers for passing on the knowledge, as well as Carole herself, for creating such a work of art <3

These cards are phenomenal! As a student in a yoga teacher training program, they are the answer to my prayers for learning the ins and outs of the asanas. You can sort them in a variety of ways and they are all coded to help you remember muscle groups and benefits for each pose. On behalf of yoga students everywhere, thank you for doing all this work for us!