These cards are wonderful! The comprehensiveness and attention to detail makes it easy to put together routines based on your specific goal/target area. The photos and additional notes make it easy to understand form and make modifications. Many times I have taken these cards with me on my mat to use as my resource and companion. On top of the wealth of information, these cards are beautifully put together and presented in a custom yoga block! Would recommend to anyone interested in furthering their yoga practice!

I am a Yoga Instructor and I love to have these cards when I prepare for my classes. The pictures are lovely and the info about the poses are a great resource with detailed information. It is a must for the yoga community. Well done!

Yoga Instructor

I bought these for my husband for Christmas, and he loves them! We were both very impressed with the quality of the cards themselves, as well as the thought that obviously went into them. The box that stores the cards can also be used as a yoga block, and there’s a carabiner to go through pre-punched holes in the cards to put together a “flip-deck” of poses for a particular workout. The photo quality is excellent, and the narrative and instructions on each card are easy to understand even for non-expert yogis like us. Good job!

I love these cards! They are made of high quality, thick card stock that I will hold up well over time. The pictures are large enough to see while trying out the poses and the information is very thorough. I especially like that the cards tell you what part of body you are working and makes planning a full workout easy. they are a great resource for beginners and more advanced yogis!

Candice Soutas Design Designer

I am a substitute yoga teacher and these yoga cards have been a wonderful resource for sequence building for classes of all levels. The cards hold a wealth of information on how to practice the asana, offers modifications and ways to deepen the pose. It’s easy to lay your sequence out, make adjustments, and visualize how it all flows. The cards are of high quality, durable, well organized and easy reference!